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King & Queen Tea is the first Buy 1 Take 1 Forever® milk tea company in the Philippines where they are known as “Buy King Take Queen FOREVER®"

Our Story

Everybody wanted to feel like royalty, but only few had the budget for it. Especially in the Milk Tea industry, there are a lot of big brands that you can find but they cost too much.

That’s why TIU WORLDWIDE FRANCHISE INC. came up with its own milk tea brand called “King & Queen Tea” the First BUY 1 TAKE 1 FOREVER Milk Tea concept in the Philippines.

Because we know that you deserve to have a great tasting and classy products without spending too much money. With our Milk Teas made from Taiwan, we made sure that we will provide affordable products without sacrificing the quality. Started in July 2019, King & Queen Tea is now one of the fastest growing Milk Tea brand in the county with over 200+ branches nationwide to serve all the Filipino Milk Tea Lovers!

King & Queen Tea has opened their international branches in 2022. Their first 2 international branches are both in Australia. The company is continuously expanding and to “rule” every country around the world.


To become the number one milk tea

company in the Philippines.


To become the number one milk tea

company in the world.

Featured Branches

Featured Branches

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No.2 Purok 1- Area V, Villa Beatriz, Old Balara, Quezon City, Philippines


Landline (02) 8280-8147

Globe (0927) 771-5116

Smart (0921) 286-1014

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